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Yadira’s Quinceañera

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Norma called me last month to inquire about photographing Yadira’s Quinceañera at the Pioneer Event Center in Grand Prairie. I was so excited to hear from her especially since I had just finished Jazmine’s party a couple of weeks before, which was held at the same location. When I arrived I immediately found the beautiful birthday girl in her gown surrounded by tons of well-dressed teens. Soon after I was able to locate Norma, also dressed in gorgeous evening attire. We quickly discussed the plans for the evening and I got set up and ready to shoot. My part of the night began with candid shots of the guests. For the most part, I find that guests either pose and want to get their picture taken or they cover their face and “shoo” me away. After about 30 minutes Yadira danced with her brother and then her father. It became very emotional as Yadira teared up while dancing with her father and then was comforted by her mother as she wiped away tears. But those tears were nothing in comparision to the ones that came as Norma and her sister spoke about Yadira. Norma even brought a card which I believe was made by Yadira when she was younger. Norma’s voice cracked as she read from the card and at times had to pause to catch her breath. It was touching to watch their emotions. Afterward the tears dried up quickly as the dancing began. Everyone took to the floor… even Grandma! It was a wonderful party… I hope you had a great night Yadira! Happy Birthday!!!