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Meghan and Matthew

M & M’s wedding was held at the YWCA in Fort Worth. Built originally as an Elk’s Lodge Hotel it still reflects the 1920’s era and houses not only weddings and events, but a women and children’s shelter as well.

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Meghan’s mom planned and decorated the wedding and reception with help from family. The cake was baked and decorated by Matthew’s Aunt and Meghan’s dad stood as the Officiant. The service was short and sweet and filled with comic relief, something you only get when the officiant really knows the b&g. I had to stiffel laughs in between adjusting settings and focusing!!!  After the service we took some quick formals and it was off to the reception room. As I wandered around the reception I kept wondering why the caterer did not pick up the used plates. I was feeling a bit selfish and really wanted the settings clean for my photos, but then I realized there was NO caterer. Meghan’s mom had even prepared all the food for the reception! She did such a wonderful job at everything that I didn’t realize there were NO additional hired professionals other than me! What an honor it was to be there amongst only family and friends…  I truly enjoyed getting to know Meghan, Matthew and their families.

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