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Deep Ellum is full of color for Mr. E.

I’ve been taking portraits of this little man since before he was born. Usually we do an in-studio session, but this time, we decided to do something a little different. We met in Deep Ellum and let Mr. E be his playful self.

Here are a few from this past Sunday afternoon. The park was PACKED with prom kids. So glad I was able to find a couple empty areas to photograph this sweet family. I love meeting new families and hope they love their images!


Baby L is ONE!

I had to post this beautiful little one on my new background. How beautiful are those eyes and that smile!? It was super cold outside so we had to move the session indoors into their home. I think they turned out wonderful! Happy birthday L!

Beautiful Priscilla!

I photographed this young lady’s sister a few years back so I was really excited when her mom contacted me for this senior session. We had a great time walking around Downtown Plano… there is a great “smelling” bbq joint down there somewhere!!! Best of luck Priscilla!

Marroquin Wedding

I was given the overwhelming privilege of photography Margo and Joey’s wedding. It was hard for me to hold back the tears as I watched them exchange rings. I am so very happy for my friends, and wish them the very best life ever!!! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Marroquin! Here are just a few in case you get a chance to peek on your honeymoon!


Beautiful Grad!

About 4 years ago I met this beautiful Lady for her High school Senior Portraits. NOW she is a graduating Senior from College!!! She is just as gorgeous as she was then. Thank you J and mom for asking me to photograph such a memorable time.


Little H is 2!

Little H is Karl’s nephew and I was so happy when his mom asked me to take his 2 year portraits. We had so much fun chatting and chasing Little H around. My oldest came with me as an assistant and helped get some great little smiles. Look at those huge eyes and darling smile!!!


Scouts Crossing Over

In January I was asked to photograph a Scout troop that was crossing over to the Webelos. It was overcast and freezing but we still managed to get it all done and the images turned out great!





Jay and Michelle’s Wedding 3/2014

This March I had a wonderful opportunity to photograph a old friend’s wedding in Melissa, Texas. I was so proud that she asked me to document such an important time in her life. Funny thing though, the night before the wedding I sprained my ankle really bad and had to go to the ER to make sure it wasn’t broken. I was freaking out because I wasn’t sure if was going to be able to walk. Thank goodness my friend was able to come along and help me. I was hobbling around in a boot but he carried all my equipment, helped me walk and organize people. Michelle and Jay were very understanding !!! It was a beautiful ceremony and I was able to capture many wonderful moments. Thank you guys. I feel truly honored! Here are just a few from Jay and Michelle’s wedding.


Hello everyone… just to let you know… I am out of town this weekend but will start booking bluebonnet pics next week once I have all of our sport/event schedules. That way I won’t have to move everyone around if there is a conflict.